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Hotel Hopitality TV Entertainment Answers – How to Select the Best One for your Hotel Property

Hotel Entertainment Answers – How to Select the Best One for your Hotel Property

When worn out travelers enter the lobby doors of your hotel, do they simply see a place to rest their heads? Or does your property transport them into a world brimming with delightful diversions custom-crafted for their enjoyment?

In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, simply providing clean linens and a hot shower falls drastically short of guest expectations. To drive meaningful loyalty and stand out from the crowded marketplace, modern hotels must curate genuinely unforgettable stays elevated by immersive entertainment.

In-Room Entertainment Systems

After jam-packed business conferences, turbulent flights, or seemingly endless road trips, hotel guests long to retreat into comfortable rooms, kick off their shoes, and dive headfirst into engrossing movies. Your on-demand video libraries become the ultimate form of escape.

By subscribing to a streaming provider like Sun Comm Technologies, you can unlock extensive blockbuster catalogs spanning old favorites to cinema’s latest hits. Our flexible content management tools empower your staff to quickly add films as they exit theaters for in-home release. With thousands of options at their fingertips, even guests staying multiple nights won’t run out of films that speak to their unique tastes.

Past movies alone, premium channel subscriptions lend your property prestige and grant visitor access to addictive television they can’t find elsewhere.

Services like HBO, Showtime, and Starz dish up smash sitcoms plus original award-winning programs in sharp resolution. Like having an entire world of entertainment housed right inside their hotel, this array of viewing choices leaves guests utterly captivated for hours on end.

Over-the-Top (OTT) Streaming Solutions

Besides your proprietary catalogs, hotels ignoring guest desires for personalized streaming do so at their own peril. Many consumers subscribe to at least one over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Failing to enable easy access to these services renders rooms frustratingly incomplete to the modern traveler.

That’s why hotels increasingly invest in solutions that authenticate guest apps and grant access for streaming. Once logged into the hotel Wi-Fi, visitors can use their existing subscriptions to enjoy tailored content recommendations and watch lists. No longer must they compromise by settling for a hotel’s generic library—now they stream their own digital comfort food.

Digital Signage Spotlights Hotel Happenings and Tempts Guest Appetites

As guests navigate your lobby, lounges, corridors and event venues, strategically placed digital signage steals wandering attention with aplomb. While ultra-bright displays flowing with animated graphics latch eyeballs, the real magic lies in the dynamic content they showcase.

Cloud-based content management portals allow staff to update signage networks from any web browser in real-time. Highlight venue hours, menu specials, entertainment lineups and more in seconds from a central interface. Schedule unique messages across different displays based on their placement and target traffic patterns.

Stream Live Events to Any Room for Complete Coverage

Streaming pre-recorded movies and television provides a strong foundation, but exclusive live event programming propels in-room entertainment to stratospheric heights. Whether showcasing conferences and concerts happening on premises or piping in off-site sporting matches, gaining access to live happenings electrifies guests.

Advanced media distribution systems encode video and audio feeds for transmitting across hotel networks. Interactive channels lists inside hotel rooms powerfully showcase available live streams alongside traditional television programming. Guests browsing options can discern live pay-per-view events or complimentary in-house happenings at a glance before tuning in with one click.

Lasting Positive Impressions

At the end of the day, thoughtfully designed entertainment solutions drive measurable returns beyond satisfied guests in the form of increased spending, longer stays and return visits. Just as importantly, curating genuine emotional connections through memorable programming indelibly ties your property to treasured travel memories revived fondly for decades after each visit.

The most forward-thinking hotels realize delighted guests who view their properties as go-to entertainment hubs stay more, play more and spend more across the board. Contact Sun Comm Technologies to understand guest entertainment appetites, then deliver customized programming catering to their unique tastes.

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