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Critical Aspects to Consider in Hotel TV Systems

Critical Aspects to Consider in Hotel TV Systems

Selecting the right television solution is critical for hotels looking to keep guests happy and comfortable during their stay. Although streaming services have shaken things up, television still plays a huge role in the guest experience. But not all hotel TV offerings out there are created equal. As a hotel manager, you’ve got lots of options to think about, and you’ll want to thoroughly vet potential partners to find one that truly fits your property’s needs.

Ultimately, you want more than just another company selling TVs. Your ideal partner goes deeper, possessing real insider knowledge of hotel operations, brands and technical systems. They can serve as an integrator – custom designing, seamlessly installing, and providing ongoing support for a TV solution tailored specifically for how your guests like to watch and your staff runs day-to-day operations.

So when researching providers, look beyond the surface. Dig into which major hotel brands they’ve worked with and what technology partners they use for their installations.

What to Look for in a Hotel TV Solution Partner

At least, you must keep these key factors in mind:

Brand Relationships

Look at the hotel brands that a potential vendor has worked with previously, as well as the technology partners they collaborate with. For example, if a company serves many branded properties with solutions utilizing hardware from leading manufacturers, that is a good sign they can address your hotel’s unique requirements.

Leading providers like Sun Comm Technologies also offer services beyond just video, such as voice, data and WiFi on a converged network for simplicity. Having a partner that can cover multiple technology needs makes things easier on your end. You want the convenience of working with one reliable company rather than trying to coordinate multiple vendors.

Knowledge of Industry Standards

An ideal partner will have extensive knowledge of hotel industry standards from working with properties of all sizes. This makes it easier for them to develop, install and support a video solution aligned to your brand standards and optimized for your property’s needs.

For example, they’ll understand how solutions differ between a large conference hotel versus a boutique inn, or an airport property versus a downtown high rise. They’ll also keep up with the latest brand standard requirements from companies like Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt so your system adheres to chain guidelines.

Engineering Expertise

Your hotel television system should feature an efficient design and quick, seamless implementation to avoid negatively impacting the guest experience. Look for a partner able to deliver a streamlined solution leveraging your existing infrastructure as much as possible.

They should also utilize current technologies to enhance performance – for example, with fast content loading times and smooth channel changes enabled by cloud-based platforms rather than manual updates.

Equally important is finding a partner with experience across diverse hotel configurations. Their engineering know-how should cover situations like buildings with tricky structural elements, satellite wings, specialized conference spaces and more. They’ll expertly navigate past complexities to strategize smart placement of wiring, WiFi access points and other hardware. The end result is optimized for performance across your entire property, not just standard guest rooms.

Post-Installation Support

You don’t want to be left unsure what to do if problems come up after deploying a new television system. Leading partners consider the job incomplete until you are fully supported post-installation – whether that’s weeks, months or years later.

An ideal provider will ensure your system operates as intended and your guests are satisfied from day one and beyond. That includes remote monitoring and maintenance to catch potential issues before they impact guests. It also means offering a responsive support team to quickly diagnose and resolve requests from your staff. If hardware ever fails down the road, they’ll handle replacements with minimal disruption too.

What Features the Right Hotel TV Solution Provider Will Offer

As a hotel manager, recreating an in-home entertainment experience is crucial for guest comfort. Look for a provider offering over-the-top (OTT) streaming options with popular apps that guests use at home. Video on demand (VoD) services enabling guests to access hundreds of movies on-demand are also important.

Leading solutions allow for customization through branded user interfaces and easy promotion of on-site services for additional revenue. Some also include mobile apps allowing guests to access the TV experience on their own devices and even use phones as remote controls.

Content Options

Ideally, your hotel TV system will offer a breadth of viewing options to satisfy what guests want to watch during their stays. That means including:

  • Live Cable Channels – At a minimum, live news, sports, movie channels and other offerings you’d get through a cable subscription.
  • Premium Channels – Access to premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz for an elevated experience.
  • On-Demand Movies/TV Shows – Hundreds if not thousands of titles guests can choose from to watch instantly for a video on-demand experience.
  • Streaming Apps – Let guests sign in to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube and other popular streaming apps they use at home.
  • Web Access – A web browser so guests can access internet video sites/content directly on the in-room TV.
  • Local Channels – Broadcast stations from your geographic area with local news and event coverage.
  • Hotel Information – An info channel with details on amenities, services, facilities and promotions at your property specifically.
  • Casting Abilities – Support casting/mirroring over-the-air from phones/tablets so guests can easily watch mobile content on the in-room TV.
  • Gaming – Some systems have gaming capabilities or even integrate with gaming consoles like Xbox for enhanced entertainment.

Convenience Features

In terms of convenience, leading hotel TV solutions give guests control with features like:

Interactive Guides – Intuitive/visually appealing program guides, video on-demand catalogs and menu navigation.

Multiple Languages – UI and guides available in different languages to accommodate international travelers.

Smart Search – Search across live TV listings, on-demand catalogs and web video all at once for simplified content discovery.

Cloud Storage – If guests don’t finish a movie, cloud storage remembers where they left off so they can resume play later without finding the spot manually.

Personalization – Guests login to save their preferences, bookmarks and recommendations for use during future visits across your brand.

Mobile Experience – TV experience mirrored on guest mobile devices via hotel-branded apps with phone-as-remote functionality.


The right hotel TV partner will offer customization to help reinforce your brand identity, spotlight amenities and maximize revenue opportunities:

Branded UI – TV menus feature your hotel logo, colors and imagery for an immersive branded environment extending beyond guest rooms.

Property Highlights – Promote on-site outlets & attractions like restaurants, spas or gift shops right on the TV with custom graphics and videos.

Special Offers – Advertise deals and packages to encourage guests to take advantage of add-ons that provide additional revenue per room.

Digital Signage – Some systems let you upload dynamic promotional content to play on a continuous loop like digital signage when the TV isn’t in active use.

Group Messaging – Send info or special messages to subsets of rooms booked by a group/conference for targeted communications.

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to identifying offerings that do more than just maintain the status quo. And that affects loyalty and positive reviews for years to come!

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