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How Hotel TV System’s Work Explained

How Hotel TV System’s Work Explained

Hotel television providers can offer both business and entertainment features that are ideal for your guests. Rather than using a consumer-grade or modified business solution to provide TV hotel wide, our TV hotel connections are purpose-built to give your guests the experience they want.

What’s Behind the TV Systems for the Hospitality Industry

In a traditional scenario, every TV in a building that you’d like to provide cable TV service to needs to be connected to some kind of set top box. Cable companies send audio and video information into the building to the box, and the box sends it on to your TV.

At a place such as a hotel with hundreds of TVs, this would be cost prohibitive. So hotel TV systems instead wire each TV to a central “stack” of boxes somewhere buried in the bowels of the building. Each box always plays one channel, and when a guest switches to that channel, they’re just accessing the feed from the box in question.

Most hotel televisions use satellite or cable companies to provide content for their guests. Things such as picture quality, what channels are available (including both SD and HD channels) and if HD is 720p or 1080p will all be dependent on the provider in question.

What is Pro:Idiom?

Occasionally coined Pro:Idiom TV services due to their advanced encryption, this technology provides a unique level of safety. By using Pro:Idiom encryption, TVs are granted the ability to receive high definition (HD) digital television and video content on demand in the most secure way possible. This type of encryption is mostly needed by Pay TV services such as HBO, Showtime or even ESPN before their signal can be distributed to any business such as a hotel.

Pro:Idiom technology is the reason why no set top boxes are needed, as the central decoder in each hotel room deciphers the video from the received feed and then re-encodes it for more secure delivery to the specialized TV sets.

These are occasionally alluded to as Pro:Idiom TV services on account of the propelled level of encryption that they give. Pro:Idiom encryption takes into consideration the conveyance of top notch computerized TV and video content on request, and in an exceptionally secure manner. This is frequently required by pay TV services like HBO, Showtime or even ESPN before they will permit their sign to be utilized as a part of a business, for example, an inn.

Pro:Idiom technology eliminates the need for set top boxes because the central decoder in a hotel room decrypts the video from the received feed and re-encodes it for secure delivery to the specialized TV sets in each room of the hotel.

What About Hotel IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Systems?

Hotel solutions based on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) are the logical continuation of this concept. Instead of using the traditional coaxial cables to deliver TV signals, hotel IPTV systems enable audio and video clips to be broadcasted over the same PC network as utilized on the internet to provide an environment.

One reason this system is advantageous is that all digital delivery services can be converged from the phone to the internet to the TV, providing a more dependable pleasurable interface. Triple play hospitality solutions allow the hotels to provide an enormous range of services beyond traditional TV content that includes but is not restricted to:

  • News and weather information specific to your area.
  • Details regarding specific attractions and notable sights in the area
  • Enhanced and interactive hotel services
  • Computer games
  • Applications that are connected to the internet would be characterized as applications relying on an internet connection.
  • Services that rent out movies
  • A portal in which you can order amenities for your hotel and much more.

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