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Hotel Streaming Facts All Hoteliers Need to Know

Hotel Streaming Facts All Hoteliers Need to Know

Streaming entertainment is no longer a nice-to-have perk – it’s a must-have for hotels looking to impress modern travelers. However, building the infrastructure for seamless streaming takes expertise many hotels lack. This complete guide explores how to deliver flawless streaming to guests through tailored solutions.

Why Hotel Streaming Matters More Than Ever

Today’s travelers expect uninterrupted access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more – just like they enjoy at home. In fact, over 90% of guests rank strong Wi-Fi enabling video streaming as a top decision-driver when booking hotels.

And demand keeps growing. The global streaming market is projected to expand at a 21% CAGR through 2028.

For hotels, poor streaming frustrates guests and damages reputations. Buffering wheels in hotel rooms spell guest churn. On the other hand, reliable streaming earns stellar reviews and loyalty.

That’s why hotels worldwide are investing in streaming-ready infrastructure. Meeting guest expectations now takes more than just “free hotel Wi-Fi.” Delivering streaming guests love requires behind-the-scenes upgrades many properties aren’t equipped for.

Want to get streaming right? Follow this guide.

The Key Elements of Hotel Streaming Service

Hotel streaming goes well beyond enabling guest devices to connect to Netflix. True streaming solutions require:

Easy Access: Guests expect quick access to their streaming apps with no complicated logins or credentials. Platforms should seamlessly launch from guest devices.

Bandwidth Management: Support potential surges in streaming activity without disruption. Too many guests streaming in HD can cripple hotel Wi-Fi.

Content Control: Customize accessible content based on guest preferences and budgets. Niche channels or formats may require upgrade considerations.

Data Security: Keep guest data safe, especially login information and watch history data. Info should be wiped after each stay.

Infrastructure Insights: Collect streaming viewership data to optimize service. Identify peak streaming times, popular platforms and bandwidth requirements over time.

Delivering all the above takes next-gen tech purpose-built for hospitality. Piecemeal DIY solutions won’t cut it. Hotels need an end-to-end approach.

Why Sun Comm Technologies Leads Hotel Streaming

Sun Comm Technologies gives hotels a customized streaming suite meeting guest needs as they evolve.

Their flexible streaming platform lets guests seamlessly access:

  • Top platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, Hulu
  • Live sports, news and events
  • Local TV stations
  • Niche channels like anime, Korean dramas and more

Robust infrastructure handles activity spikes from multiple guest devices without intimidating hardware investments. Hotels simply scale flexible subscription plans as needs grow.

Usage analytics help hotels identify guest preferences and high-demand streaming times. Easily determine ROI on streaming service tiers.

Secure streaming means guest data is always protected. Login credentials and viewing history get wiped after each stay. No PR headaches from data leaks!

Ongoing platform updates ensure guests enjoy new streaming services while levels stay optimized behind the scenes.

Sun Comm Technologies remains a trusted partner for over 800 hotels looking to meet guest expectations today and tomorrow.

Key Questions Hoteliers Ask About Streaming

What internet speeds support hotel streaming?

Hotel internet speeds should clock at least 100+ Mbps for aacceptable streaming quality, with 300 Mbps for HD. For 4K streaming, hotels need 1 Gbps-plus speeds.

Does streaming service impact other hotel Wi-Fi traffic?

All streaming should use dedicated bandwidth lanes so as not to interrupt other guest connections or hotel systems. Again, this takes advanced networking equipment.

How many guests can stream simultaneously?

Support 2-3 concurrent HD streams per room, plus public space streaming based on average occupancy. Additional connection requests get seamlessly forwarded to expandable cloud servers.

What content should hotels stream?

Start by enabling the top 5-10 big-name services like Netflix and YouTube. Expand into more niche offerings to stand out. Work with your vendor to identify options based on guest personas.

What streaming consumption data should hotels track?

Look at peak streaming hours, most accessed apps, connection quality scores and bandwidth overload instances. Use metrics to expand pipe capacity and content libraries.

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