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Hotel Entertainment Answers – How to Select the Correct TV Entertainment System for Your Hotel Property

Providing quality TV entertainment is no longer an option but a necessity for hotels looking to attract and impress guests. The quality of in-room entertainment, streaming content, information displays and live events can make or break a hotel stay. With myriad technologies now available, how do savvy hoteliers select the best options?

This article explores key entertainment solutions you can leverage to relax, inform and delight your guests during their stay – without overextending your budget.

In-Room Entertainment That Feels Like Home

Travelers expect and appreciate robust entertainment choices in their rooms. Tempting on-demand programming makes hotel rooms feel more like home while giving guests control over their experience.

With its flexible in-room entertainment systems, Sun Comm Technologies empowers you to provide:

  • Hundreds of popular movie and TV titles
  • Premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime
  • On-demand videos, music and games
  • Solutions tailored to your property size and tech capabilities

Crucially, Sun Comm Technologies solutions are simple to update and customize. Hotels can easily add or remove entertainment options to align with guest preferences. Stay on top of the latest trends and seasonal interests without expensive hardware changes.

Travelers increasingly expect a “connected stay”. Meet their needs while enjoying simplified management as business needs shift.

Give Guests Streaming Content They Actually Use

In addition to in-room entertainment, guests want to access their own streaming accounts. Business travelers may finish up work while leisure guests stream their favorite shows to unwind.

Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming through Sun Comm Technologies allows hotel visitors to conveniently view:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • New and emerging streaming platforms

Through secure logins, guests can simply watch their personalized content on their own devices. Streaming access requires no hardware investments from your property. It just makes your guests feel more at home.

Offer the streaming ease travelers know and love with OTT solutions from Sun Comm Technologies.

Engage Guests with Targeted Digital Signage

Informer and entertain guests with eye-catching digital signage from Sun Comm Technologies placed in key hotel areas. Customizable display content can:

  • Spotlight your amenities, outlets and offers
  • Announce conferences, events and partnerships
  • Deliver up-to-date weather and news
  • Showcase brand videos and ads
  • Tailor messaging by audience and location

Easily manage displays based on seasons, events or guest feedback. Keep public spaces lively while communicating key information to guests on the move. Sturdy commercial-grade signage is made to withstand busy hotel environments.

Host Unforgettable Viewing Parties

Create special memories and excitement by live streaming major events right on your properties. Sun Comm Technologies delivers dynamic solutions to broadcast:

  • Local concerts, theater and comedy shows
  • Highly-anticipated sports events
  • Multi-player gaming competitions

Provide lively “watch parties” that make guests feel part of the action. Streaming capacity can be flexibly scaled to meet viewership demand in real time.

Getting the technology components right is just the first step. Sun Comm Technologies also advises hotels on hosting memorable viewing events from start to finish. Learn insider tips on coordination, promotions and food/beverage pairings.

Attract more leisure and business travelers by letting them conveniently stream, play and watch content their way – while enabling you to cost-effectively manage offerings based on guest interests. Contact Sun Comm Technologies to explore entertainment solutions tailored for your property and budget.

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