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Pro:Idiom Technology is Critical to Today’s TVs

Reasons Why Pro Idiom Technology is Needed for Digital Rights Management

Back in the times where analog content was present, people didn’t have to worry about content protection. Along with cable TV and satellite TV, Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hotels have now moved to a digital era. This is where guests are provided with fully digital and high definition (HD) content. Along with that, we have come across the need to be mindful about protecting intellectual property of content we show to the guests. This is where Pro: Idiom encryption comes into play.

Why Pro:Idiom Technology is Needed in Healthcare HD Digital TVs

The high-definition television signal that your cable or satellite TV provider sends to your Assisted Living Facility or Hotel TV system these days is entirely digital. If the signal is not encrypted, it is simple for pirates to get that digital television material.

To stop copyright theft, content providers such as HBO, SHOWTIME, ABC, and other TV and movie networks are mandating assisted living facilities and hotels to have an encrypted signal coming to the television in their rooms.

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Pro: Idiom: What Is It?

Pro: LG created Idiom, an encryption technology designed for the hospitality sector that allows high-definition digital television and video on demand (VOD) to be delivered securely. Pro: Digital signals that carry television and video-on-demand to guestrooms are safeguarded by the use of idiom in the assisted living and hotel sector.

To prevent content theft, digital television content providers such as HBO, Showtime, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, and others demand that the HD signal in FTG Hospitality settings be encrypted while a set-top box is absent from every room.

How Do You Use Pro: Idiom?

In order to securely deliver Pro: Idiom encrypted HDTV signals to TV sets in each room that are equipped with the Pro: Idiom chip or to a set-top box for each TV, a TV distribution system must be in place. This system enables a central decoder in a assisted living facility or hotel to decrypt video from a high-definition headend or satellite feed and then re-encode it.

What Your Assisted Living Facility or Hotel Can Learn from Pro: Idiom

The digital transmission must be encoded and decoded, therefore hotels will either:

  • Make use of a headend system, such the DIRECTV Technicolor COM3000 HD/4K headend.
  • Can buy commercial TVs with an integrated Idiom decoder in the TV tuner (Pro).


  • Decode the signal at each TV by using set-top boxes.

For Pro: Idiom, what kind of assisted living facility hotel TV system will I need?

Technicolor Pro: Sun Comm Technologies’ Idiom COM3000 Headend for DIRECTV Authorized Dealer for DIRECTV Hospitality: TV for Hotels, TV for RV Parks and Campgrounds, TV for Senior Care and Assisted Living, TV for Healthcare Idiom headend from DIRECTV and Sun Comm Technologies Inc. with 54 channels, COM3000 4K/HD Pro.

54 channels COM3000 Pro: Headend System for Idioms

The most sophisticated and economical headend system on the market is the COM3000 Pro: Idiom 4K/HD Headend System. The industry standard for assisted living facility and hotel television systems for the last twenty years has been the Technicolor (previously Thomson) COM1000 HD Headend Systems and COM2000 HD Headend Systems. In addition to adding 4K capabilities, the COM3000 (seen below) can offer 138 channels from a single headend.

Pro: Idiom-powered high-definition headend systems do away with the need for in-room set-top boxes. Set-top boxes may be a potential source of signal security failure in your hotel TV system when using older headend TV systems; however, a COM3000 4K/High-Definition Headend system removes that risk.

Which Kind of TVs Are Necessary for Pro: Idiom?

A TV that can decode an encrypted assisted living or hotel television stream is necessary. Hospitality TVs from LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, and Philips are equipped with an embedded Pro: Idiom chip, which enables the encrypted signal to be shown on the TV without the need of converter boxes.

Pro: Idiom is a popular TV type in hospitality settings and is fast taking the lead as the industry standard for these types of screens, with the biggest assisted living facility corporations or hotel chains, like Choice and Hilton, designating it as such.

More than 2 million of the 5.5 million screens in the assisted living facility industry or U.S. hospitality business are equipped with the Technicolor COM system, which comprises the NEW COM3000 HD/4K headend system and the COM1000 and COM2000 High-Definition Headend Systems employing the Pro: Idiom Digital Rights Management.

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