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Quality Hotel In-Room Entertainment is a Success Game Changer for Hotel Operators

Quality Hotel In-Room Entertainment is a Success Game Changer for Hotel Operators

In order to enhance the visitor hotel stay enjoyment, hotel owners have long concentrated their technological efforts on offering cutting-edge technologies like keyless access, casting, and mobile check-in and checkout. As guests look for new technology to further improve their hotel stays, tailored and inventive in-room entertainment is becoming one of the most significant components of the visitor experience.

Keeping Up with the Times

One area where hotels were early adopters is in-room entertainment. The first places to find entertainment features like internet access, On Demand movies, and satellite and cable TV were hotels.

But given the state of the market and customer expectations, hotel owners simply cannot afford to keep their current products static. Compared to conventional TV providers (65%), streaming services attracted more U.S. homes (69%) in 2019. Nowadays, visitors seek the same experience in their hotel room as they have at home thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and multimedia streaming services.

The Revolution in Casting

Hotels now have a fantastic potential to improve the visitor experience by customizing in-room entertainment thanks to the casting revolution. Bridging the gap between the entertainment technology that visitors bring with them and the technology in their rooms is currently a difficulty for hotel managers.

An HD TV with live TV from satellite or cable is the typical in-room entertainment option; however, casting, streaming, and an interactive guide are not included. However, visitors have more freedom and access to a wider selection of entertainment since they bring their own smart devices and streaming subscriptions. However, because to the smaller displays, not everyone will like playing content on a mobile device.

In the end, hotel owners who can find a way to seamlessly merge in-room entertainment gear, streaming services, and casting technologies into one user-friendly platform will win over repeat business from guests. The ability for guests to customize their in-room entertainment—for example, by casting their preferred TV series, films, and songs from their smartphones or by directly accessing their own Netflix accounts from the TV—will enhance their stay.

In the future, casting will be a crucial component of in-room entertainment as it offers visitors the most convenient, safe, and seamless method of connecting with their preferred material.

Points to Think About

Hotel managers should take the following factors into account as they look for technological solutions to improve the in-room entertainment experience:

  • Installation and Networks: Hotels should think about how cutting-edge entertainment will affect their current networks and if they will need to replace or reconnect any existing equipment.
  • Linking a Property Management System (PMS) to In-Room Entertainment: A hotel PMS, where everything can be handled, should be immediately connected to and compatible with an in-room entertainment technology solution.
  • Consistent Portfolio Experience: To foster visitor brand loyalty, hotels should choose a technology solution that offers a consistent experience across all of their locations. As a matter of fact, 72% of visitors are inclined to stay at a hotel again if their favorite in-room technology is offered.

In the current market, hotel owners that are most adept at lowering technical friction and closing the gap so that visitors can easily access, customize, and manage their preferred content will experience an increase in visitor happiness, loyalty, and hotel reservations. Additionally, companies like DISH Business are now making it even simpler to give in-room entertainment options. To help you concentrate on giving your visitors the greatest experience possible, DISH Business is offering free programming for the first two months* of your subscription when you join up now.

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