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Providing Hotel Streaming to Guests is Critical in 2024—Here’s Why

Providing Hotel Streaming to Guests is Critical in 2024—Here’s Why

Do you ever get frustrated when the Wi-Fi at your hotel can’t stream videos without constant buffering and stalling?

As travelers, we expect hotels to provide the streaming capabilities we rely on at home. But too often, their infrastructure comes up short. Things are only going to get worse as more of us become streaming addicts!

By 2024, enabling flawless streaming will be a requirement, not a perk, for hotels who want to stay competitive in the industry. Here’s a detailed look at why hotel streaming matters more than ever and how properties can step up their game.

Travelers Are Hooked on Streaming

The numbers speak for themselves: over 90% of guests rank strong WiFi that enables video streaming as one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel. With more folks cutting cable each year and relying on services like Netflix and Hulu, that percentage will only grow.

The global streaming market isn’t slowing down either. Consumer streaming revenue is projected to expand at a 21% annual rate through 2028 as more platforms emerge.

Bottom line: today’s travelers expect easy access to streaming – especially younger generations who’ve grown up with Netflix and YouTube. For hotels, failing to provide a seamless streaming experience means upset guests, negative reviews, and lost bookings.

The reality is that reliable streaming is no longer a nice bonus – it’s a basic amenity guests demand. Properties that don’t step up risk getting left behind.

The Hidden Obstacles to Hotel Streaming

So why do so many hotels still fail when it comes to enabling great streaming? The challenges are multifaceted:

  • Outdated buildings with limited internet infrastructure and cabling
  • Legacy network equipment unable to adapt to higher bandwidth needs
  • Untrained IT staff unfamiliar with media streaming protocols
  • Limited budgets for major tech upgrades

The result is a spotty streaming experience with choppy video, constant buffering, and crushed bandwidth as soon as a few guests try to access Netflix. It damages the hotel’s reputation but resolving the issues requires expertise and investment many properties lack.

Thankfully, there are solutions available if hotels take the right approach…

What It Takes to Deliver Streaming Guests Love

Providing flawless streaming in 2024 requires thinking beyond “free hotel WiFi.” The best streaming solutions allow guests to:

  • Instantly access streaming apps without complicated logins or credentials required. Services launch seamlessly on personal devices.
  • Stream HD quality video without hiccups thanks to smart bandwidth management. Infrastructure adapts on the fly to usage spikes.
  • Enjoy niche channels through customized packages. International travelers can access home programming.
  • Rest assured their info is secure, with viewing history wiped after every stay. No stress over leaked personal data.
  • Experience new platforms as they emerge. Infrastructure seamlessly adapts behind the scenes to new protocols.

Delivering this kind of experience requires specialized technology designed specifically for hotels. One-off upgrades like basic WiFi boosts won’t satisfy guests anymore. They need an end-to-end solution.

The bottom line? Hotel streaming requires easy access, robust infrastructure, content control, ironclad security, and infrastructure insights. Half-measures simply won’t cut it anymore.

Sun Comm Technologies: Streaming for the Future

So how can hotels offer streaming guests love without breaking the bank on infrastructure? That’s where solutions like Sun Comm Technologies come in.

Their flexible streaming platform enables hotels to:

  • Provide instant access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more
  • Stream live sports, news and events without hiccups
  • Offer local and international TV based on guest preferences
  • Enable niche streaming services that impress guests

The cloud-based infrastructure allows hotels to support guest demand without expensive on-site upgrades. It also enables easy scalability – simply upgrade subscription tiers as occupancy and demand rises. No more guessing required.

Analytics provide hard data on guest behaviors like peak streaming times, popular platforms, actual bandwidth needs and streaming quality over time. Hotels gain insights to optimize service and ROI.

Sun Comm’s security features include wiping all guest viewing history and login info after each stay. Guests can stream care-free without any data privacy concerns.

Regular platform updates ensure continuous innovation as streaming evolves. Guests enjoy the latest technology while hotels benefit from seamless infrastructure improvements behind the scenes.

With over 800 hotels worldwide as customers, Sun Comm Technologies has a proven track record of enabling flawless streaming.

Key Questions Hoteliers Have About Streaming

If you’re a hotelier exploring streaming services, you likely have some burning questions. Here’s what you need to know:

What internet speeds support hotel streaming?

To offer a positive streaming experience, hotel internet should clock at least 100+ Mbps, with 300 Mbps to stream HD smoothly. For future-proof 4K streaming, aim for 1 Gbps or higher.

Will streaming impact other hotel WiFi traffic?

With a robust solution, streaming gets dedicated bandwidth so it won’t interrupt critical systems or other guest connections. This requires pro-grade networking gear.

How many concurrent HD streams can hotels support?

With the right setup, hotels can easily support 2-3 concurrent HD streams per room, plus public space streaming. Cloud technology enables seamless overflow of additional connection requests as needed.

What content should my hotel provide?

Start by enabling instant access to top platforms like Netflix and YouTube. As your budget allows, add niche offerings to stand out, informed by your guest demographics. A seasoned vendor can help curate the ideal channels.

What metrics should hotels track?

Analyze peak streaming hours, most popular apps, streaming quality scores, and bandwidth overload instances. Use this data to plan pipe capacity, identify issues, and determine which streaming investments have the highest ROI.

Take Action to Deliver for Guests

With guest expectations for unlimited entertainment only growing, hotels have no choice but to provide reliable streaming. While upgrading infrastructure poses challenges, the right solutions make it achievable for any property – without breaking the bank.

Ready to transform how your hotel streams? Reach out to the experts at Sun Comm Technologies for a customized solution that meets guest needs today and keeps you competitive tomorrow.

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