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Reasons Hotel Room TVs Enhance a Positive Hotel Guest Stay

Reasons Hotel Room TVs Enhance a Positive Hotel Guest Stay

We all know that TV technology plays a huge role in building guest loyalty. The trick is that when technology is done right, guests barely notice it—they just know their stay is better.

But when it’s missing or outdated? That’s when frustrations arise.

In the hotel business, the goal is to provide tech that feels as familiar and intuitive as what guests have at home, all while offering some unique benefits to make their stay stand out.

COVID might have sped up the whole contactless check-in revolution, but it also had guests spending way more time in their rooms.

And guess what?

That naturally translates into them wanting top-notch entertainment options right there where they’re staying. This is an amazing chance for hotels to boost guest experiences and create the kind of stay that turns visitors into repeat customers.

2024 Priorities – What Should Be on Every Hotel’s Radar

Let’s be real, the top priority for hotels is always, always going to be guest safety. People need to feel secure from the moment they set foot on the property.

But once that box is ticked, guests are naturally going to spend a lot of their downtime in their rooms. That’s where the next round of smart in-room tech needs to shine.

We’re talking about ways to seamlessly blend the best of in-room TV with those personal devices loaded with content that guests bring along.

This isn’t just about better entertainment, it’s about creating an engaging, personalized experience for each visitor. Luckily, the technology to make this happen is becoming both smarter and more affordable, which means a wider range of hotels can benefit.

The Guestroom of the Future (Which, Honestly, Is Kind of Now)

Imagine guests expect their standard 40-60 HD channels, but they’re also craving more. They want to tap into their favorite streaming services with ease, right on that big in-room screen.

This demand for a blended entertainment experience is a glimpse of what’s to come in hospitality tech. As things improve with 5G and better hotel Wi-Fi, expect personalization levels to go through the roof.

Imagine you have  smart systems that tailor the in-room experience automatically, so guests don’t even have to lift a finger to get the setup they want. That’s a major win.

The Technology-Revenue Connection

It’s no secret that hotels are always looking at how technology investments impact the bottom line. Whether it’s cutting costs or seriously upgrading the guest experience, increased profitability is the name of the game. And we know that in-room entertainment is critical.

A recent study showed a 60% jump in how much guests were watching both traditional TV and streaming services (on whichever devices they could manage).

If guests are actively engaging more with in-room entertainment, it stands to reason that hotels offering a better, more seamless experience will have the competitive edge. That’s the kind of tech investment that translates directly into loyalty and increased bookings.

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