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Reasons In-Room Hotel TV Entertainment is Critical to Enhancing the Hotel Guest Stay

Reasons In-Room TV Entertainment is Critical to Enhancing the Hotel Guest Stay

In the hotel business, technology upgrades have been everywhere lately. Think about how guests love being able to check in on their phones, unlock rooms with an app, and all the other tech-driven conveniences that make their stays smoother.

But there’s one area that’s just as important when it comes to boosting guest satisfaction: personalized, top-notch in-room entertainment.

It’s fast – and becoming a major factor in how guests experience a hotel and whether or not they’ll decide to come back.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Let’s be honest, hotels were pretty ahead of the game when it came to early in-room entertainment.

They were the first to jump onboard with satellite TV, movie channels, and eventually even internet access. The problem now is that guests expect so much more – and hotels can’t afford to get stuck in the past with their entertainment options.

Think about it: in 2023, way more US households have streaming subscriptions than traditional cable or satellite TV! Guests are used to the convenience of smartphones and streaming services at home, so they naturally want that same flexibility when they’re traveling.

The Casting Revolution

This whole shift towards streaming and content casting has created a golden opportunity for hotels.

Guests want ultimate personalization when it comes to their in-room entertainment. But the tricky part for hotels is finding a way to bridge the gap between the in-room tech and the personal devices and subscriptions that guests bring along.

Right now, your average hotel has an HDTV, maybe some basic cable, but definitely no fancy streaming options or casting capabilities. But let’s face it, after a long day exploring a new city, sometimes the best way to unwind is with your favorite comfort show – and watching it on a tiny phone screen just isn’t the same.

Hotels that crack the code on this – the ones that find a way to seamlessly combine casting, streaming, and killer in-room systems – are going to win big in the guest loyalty department. Imagine the difference it makes for guests if they can easily access their own Netflix, Hulu, or whatever service they use right on the big screen or cast their music playlists from their phones!

That’s how you take a good hotel stay and make it exceptional. Casting is becoming the future of how we connect and consume content, and for hotels, this represents a huge opportunity to enhance the guest experience.

Points of Consideration

Of course, when hotels start looking at upgrading their in-room entertainment offerings, there are some important behind-the-scenes factors to think about:

  • Installation and Networks: Going big with new entertainment options might mean rewiring rooms or upgrading existing network infrastructure. Hotels need to plan ahead for this.
  • Connecting It All to the PMS: The dream is having an entertainment system that talks directly to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). Imagine if guests could check out and clear their streaming logins automatically, or see their final bill on the TV – these conveniences make a difference!
  • Consistent Experience: If you’re managing multiple hotels within a brand, consistency matters. Guests want to know they can count on finding their favorite tech at all your properties, which is a great way to inspire brand loyalty. In fact, studies show that a huge chunk, about 72%, of guests are more likely to come back to a hotel if they recognize the entertainment setup.

Final Thoughts

Hotels that figure out how to reduce friction, make streaming and casting easy, and generally give guests personalized control over their in-room content are going to see the rewards in guest satisfaction, repeat bookings, and positive word-of-mouth.

Fortunately, providers like Sun Comm Technologies are stepping in with solutions designed to make this easier than ever for hotels. We’re even offering deals like free programming for your first two months to make it easier to get those guest experience upgrades in motion.

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