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Smart Methods to Enhance Hotel Guest Stays

Smart Methods to Enhance Hotel Guest Stays

You wake up all snug in a comfy bed. Sunbeams dance through sheer curtains as you stretch and yawn. The view outside is different, but still calming.

You’re on a getaway in a fresh location, yet it feels familiar. Like home.

A stellar hotel stay should feel easy. Intuitive. They know what you want before you ask. A good night’s sleep, a hot shower, total relaxation. But how can a hotel really make you feel so at ease? It’s everything from charming decor to tech that knows your preferences.

Keep reading for tips to take your hotel’s hospitality to new levels.

Let Them Watch What They Want

Your room is your own personal escape. A place to recharge away from real world worries. An in-room TV system is key for creating a relaxed vibe.

Take a fresh look at your channels. Do you offer stuff that fits your guests? Like cartoons for families or sports for business folks. Cut any wasted channels to simplify browsing.

Let guests watch their own apps and shows. Add casting abilities to your TVs. Or offer streaming gadgets they can use in-room.

Partner with your tech person to upgrade stuff regularly. Outdated entertainment will annoy your guests. Keep up with the newest offerings.

Personalize the Experience

Nowadays, guests expect you to cater to them. Personal touches make people feel special. Known. Valued.

TV platforms allow custom greetings at check-in. See your name on-screen with a charming message.

Use smart room tech to save your settings. Store the temperature, lighting, shades, and more you like.

Order food, make requests, and check out right from the TV. Self-service adds convenience.

Get room keys sent to your phone for easy check-in. No need to stop by the front desk.

Personalization can increase revenue by 7-15%. Use tech to remember each guest.

Smooth Connectivity

Robust Wi-Fi is essential for every property now. Spotty internet and dead zones are a huge hassle.

Take a close look at your network’s speed, bandwidth, security, and coverage. Find weak spots or overloaded areas. Upgrade as needed.

Don’t forget cell signals too. Check coverage throughout your building. Boost signals in garages, elevators, etc.

Find an internet company specialized in hotels. Ask about support, speed guarantees, and uptime promises.

Reliable connectivity enables must-haves like streaming, video calls, and work. Don’t let tech troubles ruin the experience.

Contactless Convenience

The pandemic made contactless services surge in popularity. Guests expect keyless, phone-based amenities.

Install digital door locks that sync with apps and key cards. Enter rooms with your phone.

Text staff to communicate. Make requests, get info, and solve issues without calls.

Expand mobile check-in/check-out options. Some guests won’t visit the lobby. Give them self-service.

Pay bills with your phone. Check out and pay through an app. Get receipts digitally.

Consider a combined hotel app for bookings, requests, and deals.

Surprise and Delight

Look past the basics to surprise guests. Anticipate needs and add unexpected delights.

Welcome with personalized in-room gifts. Offer champagne, chocolates, fruit baskets, or kid treats.

Remember little details. Guest names, fave foods/drinks, and room settings. It shows you care.

Empower staff to go above and beyond. Offer upgrades, experiences, or refunds when appropriate.

Follow up with thank you emails after stays. Include exclusive hotel deals.

Random acts of kindness go a long way. Small gestures create “wow” moments.

Final Thoughts

Crafting awesome guest experiences means using technology thoughtfully. Look at what tech features your property offers. Identify gaps you can fill with upgrades and new stuff. Partner with experienced tech pros to make ideas happen.

With the right mix of cutting-edge amenities and personalized service powered by tech, you can make every guest feel pampered, comfortable, and thrilled to stay at your place.

They may never want to leave!

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