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TV Casting is Here to Stay – A Breakdown of Casting in the Hotel Environment

TV Casting is Here to Stay –
A Breakdown of Casting in the Hotel Environment

Imagine this: you’ve just gotten to your hotel after a long day of traveling. You’re tired, you miss home, and maybe you don’t even understand the local language. All you want is to unwind by watching something entertaining on the hotel TV. But, much to your disappointment, you find out that your viewing options are limited, or you have to pay extra. Sound familiar?

It’s a bummer when you aren’t blown away by the in-room entertainment. Instead of watching your favorite shows on a big screen, you may have to resort to the itty-bitty screen of your phone. But don’t worry, many hotels today are realizing the need to offer better TV options to their guests!

Why Our TV Habits Have Changed

Our TV preferences are constantly evolving, aren’t they? A lot of folks today rely on subscription video on demand (SVOD) services – another fancy term for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu – more often than regular cable TV. So, as viewers, we expect to watch what we want, whenever we want.

Hotels are stepping up their game! They know we want access to streaming services on our hotel room TVs, not just generic streaming accounts. We want our own highly customized accounts so we can keep binging on our favorite shows seamlessly.

Long story short? We want access to our personal streaming accounts in hotel rooms.

The Rise of Hotel TV Casting

This is where hotel TV casting swoops in to save the day! Hotel guests can now “cast” (send) videos from their mobile devices to the big screen in their hotel room. So, you can enjoy your personal streaming accounts, just like you do at home!

Casting is becoming a must-have feature in hotel rooms, as it enhances the guest experience. Plus, many hotels are embracing this trend because it helps them stay current and cater to users’ preferences–after all, happy customers are key to a thriving business.

So, next time you’re at a hotel, keep an eye out for this amazing feature. The world of in-room entertainment is growing, and TV casting is definitely here to stay. Say goodbye to boring TV choices, and hello to casting your favorite shows in your home away from home!

Streaming vs. Casting: Which One Fits Hotels Better?

Streaming and casting – these two concepts might seem pretty similar at first, but they’re actually quite different when it comes to giving hotel guests the best entertainment experience. So, what should hotels do to keep their visitors happy and entertained?

The Problem with Streaming

Imagine having to enter your streaming account info and password using your hotel room’s TV remote control. Frustrating, right? After a long journey, we all want fast access to our favorite shows and movies.

And hey, there’s the security issue too! No one wants to expose their account details to potential snooping eyes. That’s why some streaming apps like Netflix make sure their services are off-limits in commercial settings, like hotel rooms.

Casting is Changing the Game

Now, that’s a whole other story. All a hotel TV needs is a simple solution—such as Chromecast—to start casting from your personal device.

No need to sign in! Bye-bye security concerns, hello peace of mind. Many folks are already familiar with using Chromecast at home, so it’s a win-win situation.

Not All Chromecasts Are Created Equal

Unfortunately, when it comes to hotels, standard retail Chromecasts won’t cut it. They could lead to technical issues. Hotels need specialized hospitality solutions. By partnering with experts in the hotel entertainment tech, they can avoid common mistakes and guarantee smooth streaming for all their guests.

This way, guests can enjoy their favorite content without accidentally casting to their neighbor’s room. Awkward situation averted!

Many Consumers Already Use Chromecast At Home

Absolutely! It’s clear that lots of us are familiar with using Chromecast at home. It’s a tool that can truly offer more choice for hotel guests, not fewer choices!

Casting certainly has an edge over streaming in several ways. For one, it provides a powerful and secure method for hotel guests to enjoy their own on-demand content. Even so, hotels must be careful not to narrow their viewing options too much as they update their in-room entertainment.

For instance, while adding casting services is a good idea, removing linear TV might not be. This is especially true for guests who still enjoy traditional TV viewing. According to Nielsen statistics, a sizeable portion of adults, particularly those over 55, continues to watch linear TV2. So, for now, it seems a good move to keep linear TV as part of the in-room entertainment lineup!

In enhancing the in-room entertainment experience, Sun Comm Technologies has been at the forefront. They have assisted many hotels in transforming their viewing options, notably by providing casting services to guests.

To learn more about the in-room casting systems that Sun Comm Technologies offers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The company can be reached at 505-424-7223

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