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Why Smart TV’s and Hospitality TV Packages are Positive Game Changers for Senior Living Centres

Why Smart TV’s and Hospitality TV Packages are Positive Game Changers for Senior Living Centres
Why Smart TV’s and Hospitality TV Packages are Positive Game Changers for Senior Living Centres

If you manage a senior care facility, you need to put a smart television in each and every room. Then you can ensure the overall wellbeing of patients who stay at your facility.

Most patients who stay at your senior living center will not seek medical help in a timely manner. That’s mainly because they aren’t aware of their symptoms. Some of them have internally normalized the symptoms. Few don’t feel like wasting the time of a doctor as well. Telehealth services can address all these concerns. You can help the residents to access healthcare services with the touch of their TV remote button. It offers convenience for all the seniors who require healthcare support.

Creating your own private cable TV channel for the senior living facility

Senior living facilities can create their own private cable channel with the help of hospitality TV packages. This gives residents a distinctive feeling of community. Locals can learn about forthcoming events, social news, and much more through a private cable TV station.

By starting to air segments produced by residents themselves, one senior living facility elevated the content of their own channel to a new level. The presenters were able to come up with a number of intriguing segments when the channel was formed, including one where they interviewed a new resident for each program to get to know them.

The same technology that creates channels for private facilities can also be used to add channels for pre-recorded material or channels that broadcast activities in communal areas like lobbies. In this manner, those who are confined to their rooms can feel more involved in local events. We strongly advise getting in touch with hospitality television professionals if this is something that interests you.

Video conferencing with TVs

Any senior living facility can start using TVs for video conferencing. This gives medical staff more opportunities to interact with their patients. It also gives patients the ability to videoconference with their family.

You can do this on phones and laptops as well, but a television can be more comfortable. It can be highly beneficial if the patient must lie down in their bed in a position that makes it difficult for them to focus on a relatively tiny screen.

Offering digital signage to seniors via the TV screen

Any room a TV monitor occupies in suddenly becomes its center of attention. A digital display or video wall is a great method to do this if you want to keep locals and tourists alike updated about a certain event or series of activities. According to a recent poll, up to 70% of respondents could remember passing by a digital display during the previous month.

Hospitals, senior living communities, and other healthcare institutions often have monitors along their walls. These usually scroll through a sequence of texts that are spaced out equally. You can think about implementing the same at your facility as well.

Digital signage has a lot of benefits in the hospitality sector. For example, setting them up is not a complex thing to do. You can arrange a number of displays to be shown in sequence throughout the day using the correct tools.

You won’t need to often replace worn-out poster displays after you have televisions. These digital displays perform a better job of attracting attention. The lighting and vivid displays are more tempting to the viewers’ eyes than poster boards, so you won’t have to continuously purchasing fresh materials to produce posters.

Understanding the negative effects of having televisions

There are some negative effects of having televisions at senior care facilities. You should pay attention to them as well. It’s not essential to completely cut out TV from your schedule. However, for the reasons listed below, both residents and caregivers should work to make watching TV a good part of everyday life.

Having televisions can tempt the seniors to adjust to a sedentary lifestyle. Spending the whole day sitting down and watching TV is bad for your health. It’s important to exercise every day, even as you become older.

The viewer’s perspective of the world can be badly influenced by watching certain shows often. This depends on the show being watched, but mental activity and watching TV aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Therefore, you should be careful with the nature of content that you allow the seniors to watch on their TVs

How to Make TV More Engaging for Seniors or Patients in Healthcare

The resident or temporary visitor will feel more at home if TV is made more enjoyable for individuals in senior living or hospital settings. There are numerous ways to make sure TV can be beneficial. One such way is to enable streaming services. More people are using streaming services than cable TV. With these, viewers can choose the on-demand programs and films they wish to watch.

Pre-bedtime viewing can benefit from brightness settings that are adjusted to reduce strain on the eyes. Another advantage of streaming services is their thoughtful categorization of on-demand content. People with cable or satellite TV can control how much TV they watch by recording episodes rather than watching them all the time live.

Hospitality TV has a discernible effect on patient satisfaction levels, which in turn influences how many reimbursements a certain healthcare institution is eligible to get. More significantly, hospitality TV offers patients and residents several advantages that go well beyond those of pleasure. Through telehealth services, TVs can assist in providing patients with more convenient treatment. Hence, any hospital or senior care facility can think about getting televisions installed at their facilities.

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